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TechFloor™ is an affordable flooring option that can be used to change the aesthetics of most any room, but does not replace heavy duty floorings in such places as commercial garages and workshops. So where can TechFloor™ be installed? The answer is quite simple - it can be used anywhere where there is a reasonable amount of every day traffic and will not be exposed to extreme heavy duty usage – laundry rooms, basements, every day usage garages, show rooms, customer service areas, man caves, workshops, and more.



TechFloor™ features multiple accessory pieces to help customize it to fit the need of many flooring areas, many fantastic options for the perfect floor. WeatherTech® will work with customers to plan the perfect floor. With the usage of edging and expansion pieces, a floor can be used in areas similar to the above photos.




Without the proper space planning and without the use of Expansion Joints, TechFloor™ may buckle as shown in this picture. The customer worked with WeatherTech® and we were able to solve the problems with Expansion Joints and proper spacing from the walls.



The above is an installation where TechFloor™ is installed in a garage, but the flooring had to contend with direct sunlight exposure. The original floor was installed tight to the walls and without Expansion Joints. After a quick discussion with a TechFloor™ installation expert, Expansion Joints were installed – and problem solved!



Unfortunately, there are some places that TechFloor™ should not be installed. This photo shows an installation in a heavy use, service bay of an automotive facility. Besides trying to contend with traffic driving through the facility and many stationary objects, the heavy weights across the floor are restricting it from moving freely as needed. The tiles would be perfect in select areas of this floor, or in the customer waiting areas, but we don’t recommend for this type of commercial use.


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